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Enhancement: Auto-removal of Age Groups – CT Live Awards

We recently released new features in CT Live Awards, making it easier to Auto-remove Age Groups 

When in CT Live you’ll notice the page design has significantly improved, providing better real-time feedback on whether you’re allowing or disallowing Double-Dipping. See below. 

The complete work now provides three options at event creation to set the following awards parameters: 

  • Allow Double-Dipping
  • Disallow Double-Dipping
  • Disallow Double-Dipping and Remove from Bracket

As seen above, we have added more Athletes to the mock award preview to show what happens when changing the awards policy. 

After your awards policy is set in CT Live and chip times are calculated, Athletes will automatically be removed from brackets, and the data automatically configures and updates results in Athlinks. 

Please note, currently this is hardcoded to only support auto removal of three Athletes. If you are needing to remove more than three or less than three, the manual remove feature will need to be used.

For more detail check out our KnowledgeBase article HERE. For an in depth demonstration of the new process check out THIS VIDEO recorded by Product Manager, Micah Rennels. 

With any questions please feel free to reach out to Micah at

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