Release Notes

Org Wide Coupon Functionality Improvements in CT Live

Our Org Wide Coupon Feature has been a great way for our Event Directors to assist with coupons on a daily basis.

Our latest enhancements specifically deal with details of the creation process of Coupons and how we deal with duplicate Coupon Codes. It should be noted that we do not recommend creating duplicate Coupon Codes, but if you find yourself in a bind, we support the following:

  • During the Event Level Coupon Creation process, we will check and prevent you from creating a Coupon Code that already exists at the Org-Wide Level.
  • During the Org-Wide Coupon Creation process, we will NOT prevent you from creating a duplicate code the already exist at the Event Level. If you do create duplicate codes, the Event-Level Code will take priority over the Org Wide Code.

If you’re an organization with more than one Event, Org Wide Coupons might be the tool you’ve been looking for to help you create, manage, and expire Coupons across your entire Organization. As always, if you want to learn more about the Org Wide Coupon functionality check out our Scoring Knowledgebase.


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