Release Notes

Kiosk Results Page Design Enhancements + QR Code Enabled Onsite Results Printer

Athlinks Onsite Kiosk Results Printer

Earlier this week at our LIVE! Product Showcase we introduced our latest product: the QR Code Enabled Onsite Results Printer. Check out the Demo HERE:

Things to Note:

  • Modern cell phones now have the capability to automatically detect the QR code on-screen and give Athletes the option to navigate directly to their IRP on Mobile App.
  • If you have the printer connected to the Kiosk, printing is enabled.
  • If you choose not to enable printing, the KIRP/QR code functionality and display does not change

Currently the following information is displayed on the printed receipt:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Location
  • Race Name
  • Athlete Name
  • Athlete Bib
  • Athlete Final Time
  • Athlete Final Pace
  • Link to IRP
  • Time of Print listed on receipt

At this time splits are not displayed.



KIRP Design Enhancements, Version Two

We have continued work on our new Kiosk IRP design and are excited to show the latest iteration of the Athlete facing display. In addition to the new design introduced a couple weeks ago, we have added in a couple more exciting elements:

  • 6 divisions displayed on a single KIRP (improved from previous version that only supported 3 divisions.)
  • QR Code displayed on screen

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