Release Notes

Launch’s Announcer Feature

We have released a new and improved version of Launch’s Announcer Feature. Enjoy an Announcer Feed that is managed locally, and requires less setup and deployment work.

With Launch’s Announcer Feature, participant information stays in sync directly with CT Live and is always available in your local database. No need to transfer CSV files into middleware, as Launch automatically becomes your customizable Announcer Feed as your Athletes are assigned bibs.

You can expect the following features:

  • Fully customizable Announcer Display 
  • Our only Announcer Feature that fully integrates with Dynamic PPU
  • Ability to be used as a bib/tag check station, immediately after Athletes pick up their packets
  • Supports both Mac and Windows devices
  • Works with both Simple Client or Fusion

For additional features and a list of feature improvements, log in to CT Live and visit the What’s New page and download the feature today.

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