Release Notes

Major CT Live Cross Country Report Enhancements & New Printing Method

We’re thrilled to announce several big improvements to the Standard/XcAggregateTeams report in CT Live! These features have been highly requested by our Timers, so we’re very excited to be bringing these to completion.

  • Added an “Interval” selector under the Report Parameters section. You can now provide XC awards based on any Interval on the Course.


  • Added a third default option – Team Awards


  • The Team Awards view is a simple, consolidated view that provides the basic necessary info in order to share final standings with coaches, teams, and organizers.


  • We’ve added a brand new method to print! Clicking the new Print button will open the report in a new browser tab specifically designed for printing professional looking reports; reports that are easy to understand and easy to read.


  • Please note, this new Print button currently only works on the XC Report, but we hope to bring this new functionality to other reports soon, so stay tuned!

For a complete look at using the XCAggregateTeams report, check out our guide HERE.

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