Release Notes

New Team Payment Structure: Prepay with Tiered Discounting

We’ve released a new feature that allows incentives for prepaid group/team registration. Similar to the Series Reg tiered discounting, an admin user can specify percentage discounts associated with the number of team members registered and prepaid for during team creation.

You’ll find this new option under Reg Choice Creation/Edit > Payment Structure. Click “Add Another Tier” to add multiple tiers to your team payment structure. You can have unlimited teams by selecting the NL option = No Limit. You can also set a max number of teams by selecting a number for the highest tiered discount. In the example below the max is 8:

Once an athlete reaches the “Team Selection” slide on the reg form, they’ll see the “Create new team (prepaid discounts applied)” and once a team name is selected, another field will appear that prompts the team captain to chose the number of prepaid entries they would like to register. The tiered discount will apply to the cart as soon as they click next.

Similar to the Flat Rate Team Payment Structure, if the athlete adds another entry and adds their new entry to the team they created, you’ll see the cart adjust to $0.

All post registration communications (email confirmation & receipt) will have the number of prepaid entries and team discount specified.

Additionally, the team captain can manage their team post registration via their athlete profile page:

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