Release Notes

Official Release: MiniTrack Firmware

We are excited to introduce the latest version of our MiniTrack controller firmware, Version, open to ALL ChronoTrack Timers.

Our latest version comes complete with:

  • GPS Time Support
  • Active System Improvements
  • Menu Additions & Enhancements

Visit our Blog to learn more about all the features above!

General Improvements 

    • New! GPIO Functionality
    • New! Marker File fixes
    • New! Manual time entry, aka Keyed Reads, is now functional
    • Both Revolution and Turbo Readers can be upgraded via thumbdrive
    • Decreased average boot time by 6 seconds
    • Random Restarts – controller will turn off and turn back on by itself; noted sporadically and without reason but since resolved with the refactor
    • “Permanent Data Drive Loss” error message. Added functionality in the form of an external drive, in case of emergencies, that will create a redundant file as a back up if the internal drive is lost

To download, login to the Timer Portal web page and visit the Downloads Section. Select Firmware >> MiniTrack >> For instructions on how to update your controller, visit the KnowledgeBase Article here.

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