Release Notes

Pro2 ChronOS Software Update

It has been over a year since we have released a new ChronOS Pro2 software update, and such is why we are excited to announce our latest version, complete with defect fixes, feature and functionality enhancements and the official re-release of Active.

We are most excited about this being the first fully supported release of Active Tags. Check out the list of resolved issues and software enhancements, below:

Resolved Issues:

  • Thread Locking
  • Battery Diode Mode
  • State of Power Board Checking
  • Active Extension
  • 32bit Issue
  • Memory Leaks
  • USB Timeout
  • “Power Board Connection Lost” Error
  • Local Connections on Fusion Only


  • UI Updates
  • Controller .ini Files
  • Updated Battery Charging Logic
  • Speed Calibration
  • Local  Remote Control
  • Active Tags
  • ChronoStart

The work on this new release fixes defects from both of our previously released versions and, and with this release we have added better error-logging to remedy issues in the future.

For a more detailed list of resolved issues and enhancements, check out the change-log posted to the Timer Portal Forum and Downloads tabs. For detailed instructions on how to install or update the latest ChonOS version, read up on our KnowledgeBase article here.


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