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Available June 28th, 2018. We’re pleased to announce our ChronoTrack LIVE ONLINE Registration product is now USAT Integrated (via the USAT 1.2 Batch RTAV Process- highest integration standard USAT has available to date). We worked closely with the USAT staff to create the most “athlete focused” seamless checkout process to ensure best athlete satisfaction and an event organizer setup that is simple & clean.

Setup with confidence. We’re able to successfully integrate all US DOMESTIC TRIATHLONs that are a part of the USAT Sanctioned Event Directory. Coordinate with your Athlinks Services account manager for our USAT ONLINE integration & enablement and your ChronoTrack ONLINE Registration then will be USAT compliant in a matter of seconds. Just have your USAT Sanction ID Number handy or we’ll just utilize our USAT Event Name search tool for the USAT event number lookup. This is a SUPER USER role only for our initial release and thus why you must contact your account manager.

In addition, we’ve automatically streamlined the USAT bi-monthly payment collection between Athlinks Services accounting department & USAT so our event organizers are not bogged down with non-revenue generating tasks leading up to the event. We also have custom built reporting, approved by USAT, ensuring our event organizer USAT post-race accounting is compliant for event organizer submission to USAT. We have a great guide on completing this USAT required report as well (see the release notes for further details).



  • Seamless athlete registration checkout experience
  • USAT Waiver signature ALWAYS required for athlete
  • USAT Waiver stored under Athlete Profile for quick access (ONLINE CTREG ONLY)
  • USAT integration enabled in CT LIVE ADMIN for quick setup
  • USAT reporting compliant for Event Organizer Access
  • USAT reporting compliant for Athlinks Services accounting management
  • USAT Amounts collected are processed automatically by Athlinks Services accounting department
  • One athlete / One registration transaction at a time

ALL IN CONCERT WITH EACH OTHER: The ChronoTrack LIVE Registration is fully integrated with USAT in the best way. You’ll be USAT compliant & hosting membership purchases in under (1) minute. After USAT enabled, sit back and let our software autonomously do all the work. USAT and Athlinks Services also unanimously agreed to acquire & process Athlete USAT waivers to complete their online registration. As a result, you can rest in confidence all athletes are wavier compliant prior to your event.

ATHLETE SEAMLESS: In one athlete registration flow and transaction, your athletes will be able to seamlessly & quickly register for your triathlon and also be USAT compliant with USAT membership type enablement & waiver management requirements. Athletes will be presented in their confirmation email any and all USAT transactions, per the receipt, and also prompted by USAT via email directly with their membership status and/or update (see graphic below). Our initial release will only allow one athlete to complete a single registration transaction at this time.


  • Making ChronoTrack LIVE USAT ONLINE integration available to ChronoTrack LIVE Admin user roles: Event Director (Event Organizer) and Timer
  • ChronoTrack LIVE ONSITE USAT registration compliance & setup and reporting
  • ChronoTrack LIVE ONSITE waiver collection & management & setup and reporting
  • 3rdParty ONLINE Registration IMPORT submission & utility (for when an event organizer mistakenly utilizes a 3rdparty registration online platform but wants our top in-class ChronoTrack LIVE ONSITE Registration platform for their event)
  • ChronoTrack ONLINE Team & Group registration USAT management

For further details please do contact your Athlinks Services account manager today. For specific integration questions, please touch base with Sean P. Walkinshaw at at your convenience. Happy trails.


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