If you called our office in the past several months, you probably noticed a strange buzzing in the background. That was the sound of our team hard at work, doubling up efforts to launch a number of new products and initiatives. We’ve been busy as heck behind the scenes, and it’s time to unveil one of the many (and awesome, if we may say so) projects we’ve been obsessing about: the all-new Athlinks.com.

More than likely, you’re familiar with Athlinks.com as an online database of race results. But whoa, baby—it is So. Much. More. The all-new Athlinks.com is a resource site, social network and digital scrapbook—all in one. It’s designed to enhance the entire athlete journey around endurance sports events, every step of the way. We’re thrilled to share what we’ve created, and we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word.

But first, you probably have some questions.

What is Athlinks, anyway?

Yes, Athlinks.com is an online database of race results—the world’s largest, in fact. But it’s much, much more. With the all-new Athlinks.com, your event participants can now:

  • Get race results at their fingertips. Athletes and spectators will find real-time race results, at home or on the go. Plus, our comprehensive archive includes results from nearly every endurance event in the past 10 years.
  • Create an athlete profile. Athlinks provides a digital record of an athlete’s every race achievement, all in one place. Athletes can search for and claim results to build a brag-worthy profile of their accomplishments. We even offer easy-to-filter categories and highlight personal bests.
  • Connect with friends and rivals. Athlinks is a virtual gathering place for athletes—think Facebook, but with a fitness bent. Members can amp up the social aspect of racing by sharing results, photos, videos and future race plans; encouraging friends to register for events; and keeping a competitive eye on their rivals.
  • Search the event database. Athlinks hosts an easy-access database of the greatest events on the planet—including yours!

What’s in it for me?

Now, athletes can find and register for events, share their excitement as they prepare to race, and celebrate reaching the finish line with results, photos and videos—all in one place. There’s nothing else like it on the market, it’s simple to use, and it’s entirely free. It’s also exclusive to ChronoTrack, which is why Athlinks.com is important to you.

As a ChronoTrack partner, we invite you to help share the Athlinks love and enhance the start-to-finish race experience for your athletes. Because we all know that the more an athlete enjoys their experience before, at and after your event, the more likely they are to return—and bring family and friends.

How can I help?

Help us get the word out to your athletes. We’re making this easy-as-can-be with our turnkey marketing resource: the Athlinks Marketing Toolkit.

The Athlinks Marketing Toolkit is a collection of marketing assets, designed as a foolproof method to help you clearly communicate the benefits of Athlinks to your participants and encourage them to join. Watch for the comprehensive new and improved edition of this resource in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can help now!

Please, take a moment and share your enthusiasm about the NEW Athlinks.com with your Facebook friends, fans and followers. It’s simple with our plug and play image and copy (below). Feel free to use this exact messaging, or customize to your voice:









“The heavy breathing will subside. The burn in your legs will fade. The blisters will heal. The pain you endured to reach the finish line is temporary—but your race results are forever. Athlinks makes finding, claiming, and sharing all your hard-earned results easy. Create a free athlete profile and claim your results today at Athlinks.com!”

This suggested post is just one sample of the many assets you’ll find when the enhanced Athlinks Marketing Toolkit comes your way soon. We’re committed to providing everything you need to talk about Athlinks with ease—and we’re hugely appreciative of your help.

That’s the what, why and how behind the all-new Athlinks.com. We hope you’re as pumped as we are to encourage your athletes to get on board and start building their Athlinks profiles. They can join—absolutely free—by clicking here. Be sure to check out Athlinks.com to see first-hand how it works—and to claim your own past results!

Questions? We’re pretty darn excited to talk all things Athlinks. Don’t be shy. Give us a call at 855-709-4555.