Bet you didn’t know that the sum total of Turkey Trot miles logged in 2016 was enough to circle the globe 155 times. Or that the calories burned during these races countered the caloric intake of more than a million pieces of pumpkin pie. Yes, these are cold, hard turkey facts. And we’re privy to them thanks to the deep-dive data capabilities of Athlinks data platform.

All the Facts

Want more Turkey Trot-related tidbits? Check out our infographic, chock-full of fun info and figures culled from our Athlinks database.

smart corral

Access to Serious Data

As you can see, we have access to some serious data through our Athlinks platform—data that our customers can access with ease. We encourage our Race Directors and Timers to utilize the info that’s right at their fingertips. Doing so can help to hone their marketing and registration strategies and create races catered to the demographics most likely to attend. We’re all about helping our customers create the most successful events possible, which is why we’re dedicated to—and proud of—offering comprehensive and unique data capabilities that are unmatched in our industry.

With SmartCorral, Athlinks Services customers are able to collect, view, filter, and utilize athlete-specific and event-specific data including:


  • Prior events
  • Best/worst/average performances
  • Participant demographics
  • Breakdown of prior event detail
  • Automated, customizable corral placement
  • Athlete retention rate
  • Competitive intelligence


  • Prior events
  • Feeder/referring events
  • Shorter distance complimentary events
  • Attrition analysis YOY
  • Competing events
  • Growth/attrition by demographics

All these resources and much more—including an unparalleled account management team to help interpret and implement these valuable insights—are at the ready for every Athlinks Services customer. Whether you’re an existing customer looking to maximize your Athlinks Services experience, or a potential new customer, interested in exploring all that we have to offer, we’d love to walk you through our platform and capabilities in greater detail.

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