2 days. 26,000 Athletes. 35 packet pickup stations. 33 Athletes checked in every minute. Average Athlete wait time in line? 18 seconds.

These are just some of the results Dynamic Bib Assignment produced at the Five Boro Bike Tour on May, 5th 2019, and these are the results you could see at your next event, no matter the size.

Dynamic Packet Pickup in Action

It has been our mission since the release of Launch to prove to our customers that this software does what we promised it would:

    • Process Athlete bib look-up, packet pick-up, and bib/tag assignments faster and more accurately; eliminating manual processing errors and post-event admin work.
    • Provide Real-time count on how many people have checked in, making Volunteer staffing more accurate as the day progresses.
    • Assign Athlete’s bibs without the need for internet connectivity.
    • Auto-sync all changes made offline with ChronoTrack Live when internet connection becomes available.
    • Eliminate paper waste and lost waivers by storing electronic waivers at packet pickup

Today we’re here to show the industry that when we say that Launch will reduce packet pickup line times and Volunteer stress levels, we mean it.

By working with two specific events, The Five Boro Bike Race, and Boston’s Run to Remember, we were able to put together two [case studies] that prove Launch’s Dynamic Bib Assignment is the most intuitive and successful packet pickup solution on the market. You’ve already seen some of the results for the Five Boro Bike Race, now take a look at a few highlights from Boston’s Run to Remember:

Boston’s Run to Remember Event Overview: 8,400 person event taking place on Memorial Day Weekend each year, honoring the service of fallen 1st Responders.

Main Packet Pickup Objectives

    • Reduce Staff time prepping packets pre-event
    • Reduce Volunteer needs pre-event and onsite
    • Reduce time in line per registrant, during packet pickup (see time-lapse video)
    • Maximize Participant time in Expo with Vendors
    • Explore reduction of 2020 expo space, with less space dedicated to PPU area, if lines can be reduced


    • 6,083 Athletes checked in within 12hrs, among 23 stations
    • Avg. 500 Athletes checked in per hour
    • Average time at pickup station: 19 seconds 
    • Longest individual line: 5 people, at peak door opening
    • Happy Volunteers, happy Athletes, happy Race Director!

In the time lapse video below, you’ll notice short lines that never saw more than 6 people congregated in front of one PPU station.

Intangible Benefits

As an Event Organizer, you know that your event couldn’t go on without the dedicated Volunteers that run the show, and keeping them happy and operating in good spirits can make or break your event. With that in mind, hearing your Volunteers say things like “PPU is a cumbersome process” or “PPU this year was stressful and painful”, it can seem like you’ve let down the people who show up – without getting paid – to make sure your race goes on without a hitch.

During these two race weekends, however, instead of the disgruntled moans from Athletes and Volunteers alike, the commentary shifted to the likes of Athletes saying “That’s it?” after being handed their packet, or Volunteers letting our staff know “This iPad process was so easy an 11 year old kid could do it.”

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look a the video below and see for yourself as Stephanie Riley, a 14-year tenured Volunteer, explains the difference one year and Dynamic Bib Assignment can make, at Boston’s Run to Remember Packet Pickup:

Download the Case Studies

You can find the full-version, downloadable PDF’s of each case study, complete with more details on objectives, activation and results by following this link to our Case Study webpage. For more video proof, including time lapse and Athlete testimonials, check out the video links here.

For more information on the full suite of Launch capabilities including Dynamic Bib Assignment and Launch Announcer Display, reach out to info@athlinks.com.