The new CT Live Donations Tool is officially released and available for your events! With this new tool, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a one-stop-shop experience for Athletes, Race Directors, and Charity Directors alike. Create custom landing pages, shareable links, goal tracking, and more, all in ChronoTrack Live. Check out the features and product enhancements below.

CT Live Donations Admin Portal

As you explore this new tool in CT Live, you’ll see that we have created a brand new admin portal, specifically dedicated to Donations. 

The new Donations Admin Portal allows you to navigate the following features: 

  • Charity Directors/Admin can edit their own information
  • Charity Directors/Admin can Set Goals
  • Your donations page/event can be set up to have a separate payee, eliminating the need to pay out a charity organization post-event
  • Validate EINs for charity type (not required)
    • This will allow you to prepopulate your charity information based off of your EIN number
  • Long Term Donation Page hosting – set specific time frames for your event/charity to accept donations, either keeping in time with the event’s time frame or leaving the donations page active even after the event has ended. 


Dedicated Landing Pages

As you start to explore this new product you’ll also see that we have created new, dedicated landing pages: 

  • Create a dedicated page specific to your charity or cause
  • Landing pages are mobile-friendly making it easier for Athletes and followers to donate wherever they are 
  • Quick checkout experience for Athletes and Donors
  • Allow Donors to share their experience/donation links on social media 
  • Enable Donating on Registration forms – online, onsite or both 
  • Disable Donating on Registration forms – landing page access only

On the new donations landing pages, Admin roles will have the ability to make the following design decisions:

  • Set donation trackers tied to donation/charity goals – visible to page visitors 
  • Upload custom charity/event image 
  • Ability to view top donors 

Landing pages will be complete with an “About” section as well as a section dedicated to a list of Donors. Page visitors will have the ability to view who has donated to the cause and what amount they have donated. Athletes will have the ability to make anonymous donations and will be able to leave messages along with their donation amount.

Video Demo

During our 2021 Timer Conference, Product Manager Micah Rennels demoed the new CT Live Donations Tool – click here to be directed to the video recording.  

Up Next 

What’s next for CT Live Donations? 

  • Invite Charity Directors to the event’s Donations page
    • Charity Directors will be set up under a New Org Role, with specific donations page permissions
  • Charity Directors/Admin can view their own reports
  • Confirmation Emails when set up is complete
  • Charity Org Management – enables charity directors to manage who has access to their event. 
  • Create custom donation amounts and labels

With any questions, comments, or suggestions for our new Donations Tool, please reach out directly to Product Manager Micah Rennels at