If you’ve been in CT Live 2.0 recently you might have noticed some MAJOR improvements to our Email Campaign Tool. Our engineering team has hit the ground running to provide ChronoTrack customers a more robust, delightful, and intuitive email tool. Check it all out below!

What’s Inside

  • Beautiful & Intuitive Email Creation
  • Personalize Emails with Merge Tags
  • Re-usable Email Templates and Distribution Lists
  • Email Scheduling Improvements
  • Enhanced Email Statistics
  • Video Demo

Beautiful Emails Made Easy!

The new CT Live 2.0 Email Tool was redesigned with our customer’s time and expertise in mind; beautiful, professional, streamlined emails that anyone in your organization can create. Our product competes with some of the best email campaign software on the market, right within CT Live 2.0.

Here are just a few of the top aesthetic features of this new tool:

  • Use “drag & drop” to create emails in minutes
  • No coding or design skills needed
  • Add images and videos
  • Build from scratch OR preload templates
  • Embedded HTML
  • Easily add content blocks for social media, buttons, images, videos, and embedded HTML

Right in line with paid email tools out in the market, our email editing tool allows you to utilize specific event information already created or imported within CT Live. Our new tool supports Merge Tags that allow you to pull in and embed event information with the click of a button.

For campaigns using a participants registration/event information, personalize emails to your athletes with the following merge tags available today: 

Race Details

  • Event Name
  • Race Name
  • Registration Choice
  • Race Location
  • Race Start Date
  • Race Start Time

Participant Details

  • First Name
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Athlete Age
  • Athlete Gender
  • Bib Number
  • Wave Name
  • Wave Start Time


  • Race Result Link
  • Athlinks Result
  • Finisher’s Certificate Link
  • ChronoTrack Profile Link
  • Donate Link
  • Registration Link

For campaigns using an imported athlete list, personalize emails to your athletes with the following merge tags available today: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Event name
  • Coupon Code

Reuse and Recycle Saved Email Templates and Distribution Lists

In addition to the intuitive design elements, we have updated the “Create/Edit Email Campaign” section for easier and more efficient email campaign logistics building. Users have the ability to create or re-use email distribution lists, and new to the campaign builder dialogue box is the ability to load saved email templates. At the Organization level, users can create an email campaign for one event and re-use/recycle the template for multiple events in the future. Changes made to a re-used template (for a new campaign) will not change or affect the original campaign from which it was copied over. 

Schedule with Confidence

One of the most important and time-saving improvements made to the new email campaign tool is the ability to schedule email campaigns and send them to all desired recipients, regardless of the time or date an intended recipient entered the CT Live database. Previously in CT Live 1.0 Email Campaigns, if you had created an email list and set an email to go out in the future, only the recipients included at the time you created and scheduled the email would be sent the email. 

Now, your email will pull ALL recipients and add them to the list regardless of when you scheduled the email. (Up until the scheduled email campaign date.) 

For example, if you have scheduled an email to go out to all registered athletes at a set date in the future, the tool will now pull all additional registrations and include them in the email distribution. 

Enhanced Visibility and Statistics

In the new CT Live 2.0 Email Tool, we now display more information on the “Email Campaigns List” page. Users can view emails in draft mode, and view the scheduled or sent status. An error state will also appear should an email not render correctly. In addition, each individual email campaign “card” will display statistics such as # of emails Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Clicked, Complained (Spam), or Rejected.

We now also show more insight into emails that were Delivered, Bounced, or Opened – click into the statistic you would like more information on and the dialogue box will drop down with a list of email recipients within your selected criteria. These lists are also .CSV downloadable for easy sorting.

Video Demo

To learn more about the early functionality of the Email Editor, watch this video demo by clicking the button link HERE. Please keep in mind, as this is a rolling blog post, not all additions to the Email Tool are included in this video. For real-time updates to our Email Tool, follow along with this blog. All additions and enhancements are added to the post as engineering production is completed.  

As we work to finalize the new email tool within CT Live 2.0, the email tool in CT Live 1.0 will eventually be deprecated. We recommend users start to learn the new CT Live 2.0 email tool in anticipation of this change.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our new Email Editing Tool, please reach out directly at mrennels@chronotrack.com.