The new state of applying Photo Logo Overlay Branding is here and easier to use than ever! As an extension to our robust suite of Media Products, we now offer logo overlay branding that may be autonomously on-boarded by our Users. Start providing new and effective Sponsorship opportunities with maximum Athlete exposure! Seamless, flexible and immediately responsive, our new logo overlay branding tool allows you to apply portrait and landscape oriented branding, directly in the ChronoTrack Live Admin portal

Portrait and Landscape Submissions

Our tool affords you to apply different artistic frame layouts (of the logo branding) for both portrait and landscape photos. This allows for either two different layouts for one Sponsor, or two different layouts for two Sponsors, as each logo overlay submission is unique to the portrait or landscape framed image.

Real-Time Proofs

During your logo overlay submission process we’ll provide you with real-time proofs so you can be sure the image quality, placement and contrast of the logo overlay you uploaded is ideal. The flexibility to preload your logo overlay gives you real-time reassurance that 100% of the images you submit via the Athlinks Media Uploader Tool will have the proper overlay. All users have access to a Download Button that lets you download your proof so that you may share with clients and team members. The ability to check your work before publishing and applying the overlay to photos means you, your logo overlay designer, and your Sponsors can feel confident in the design.

In addition, we’ve recently introduced the ability to change the overlay branding just in case the incorrect logo overlay was applied, or pending feedback from clients, a different logo overlay is desired. This feature also allows you to completely remove the submitted overlay from hosted media.

Key Features 

  • Enhancement for your media sponsorships
  • Autonomous application of logo overlay branding to your photos
  • Portrait .png upload tool
  • Landscape .png upload tool
  • 3:2 aspect ratio only
  • Real-time proofs
  • Flexible Pre-event loading
  • Flexible Post-event loading
  • MAC and PC compatibility
  • Quick removal of logo overlay branding
  • Quick updating & editing of logo overlay branding
  • Auto-updating to most current logo overlay branding
  • Branding is event specific only

World Wide Use

Since our release 60 days ago, our new logo overlay tool has serviced 50+ Events, across 100,000+ Athletes and almost 500,000 photos have been delivered with Sponsored logo overlay branding.

How to Get Started Today! 

For everything you need to know about getting started with Sponsored Photo Logo Overlays, check out our KnowledgeBase article here. With any questions, please reach out to