As a Timer, it is vital that you know the status of all your timing controllers on race day. And we’re not just talking about the controllers at the one event you happened to be at physically, on any given Saturday. We’re talking about ALL your controllers, at ALL your events, in ANY location in the world. Currently, in order to manage this need, Timers are forced to train and staff their events with multiple personnel.

Here at ChronoTrack we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could help relieve some of those staffing and lack-of-visibility pains? Unfortunately we just couldn’t develop a Timer-cloning tool so that our Timers could be in multiple places at once, but we did develop the next best thing. Introducing the latest from our Fusion software: Remote View for Pro2 Controllers, available today for Public Beta testing.

Features and Benefits 

It’s best to think of this new feature as your “Mission Control Center”. Get a birds-eye view on all your controllers and save time in having to go out and physically monitor equipment. With Remote View for Pro2 Controllers you have the ability to remotely monitor the following:

  • Battery Status
  • Power Source
  • Reader Status
  • Connected Antennas
  • Immediate Mode
  • Alert Messages

Product Development Engineer, Wayne Steidly gets right to the point and let’s us know the vision behind Remote View, We built Remote View to allow Timers to know the status of their equipment in the field without standing over the box. This allows our Timers to monitor and be alerted of any issues that need to be addressed, in real time. This service was built using AWS IoT and was was created to solve the problems of communicating with and monitoring remote hardware.”

Read All About It

Visit the dedicated KnowledgeBase article for everything you need to know and more about Fusion Remote View for Pro2 Controllers, and please keep in mind, this version is “read-only”. You will not be able to control any functions on your controller. Pending the success of our Remote View Public Beta testing, Remote Control will be our next iteration. We will be updating this post with any Enhancements or Known Issues, so be sure to check back in during the coming weeks.

If you are not a current Timer with ChronoTrack but are interested in learning more about Remote View, or any of our other Timing tools, please reach out at If you are a current ChronoTrack Timer and are interested in using this beta product, please reach out to Product Manager Micah Rennels, at